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DJ Blast
Dee Jay Blast was discovered at a record store in Santa Monica California by the program director of KCRW FM an NPR station in 1972. Blas was shopping for oldies and Rob Pingle of KCRWFM  had a few questions about some music he was looking for and when Blas came to his rescue  Rob was very impressed, so much so that he offered Blas a radio show at KCRW. Blas has been a D.J on radio. in northern and Southern California he was also the premiere MC & D.J. for  "Desert Storm" & Desert Shield" and  recently helped put together "Route 66 Radio." Blas became the program director of Route 66 and was praised for his efforts and unique programming style. After Route 66 Radio lost it's owner to diabetes and the station was shut down, Blas formed a partnership and started The Oldies Super Highway where the newest oldies in the world can be heard. This is his new home and hopes it will become your favorite site for the kind of oldies you wanna hear again and again.  Breeze through the years with   D.J. Blast "The Oldies Time Traveler"

Welcome To The Oldies Super Highway!
  • The 'Rockin' 50's And 60's' have always been referred to as "The Golden Age of Rock n' Roll.' It was a time of Pony Tails, Duck Tails, High School and Armory dances, Crusin' on a Saturday night, going steady, and listening to your favorite DJ spin the TOPS IN POPS. Of course, the things that WERE are no longer, especially the oldies radio dial where yesteryear's teenagers, now today's Baby Boomer Generation, can't hear all those HITS n' MISSES' they grew up with. Well, on The Oldies Super Highway, you'll re-discover the Past with the music you listened and danced to.
  • The Oldies Super Highway is dedicated to the music and artists of the past, and features not just familiar melodies, but songs you only might have heard a few times, then disappeared from radio station play-lists as quickly as they were played. Also, you'll hear unfamiliar grooves that never made it, but have become certified COLLECTOR'S CLASSICS. The Oldies Super Highway is definitely Non-Mainstream, and is hosted by Southern California radio personality BLAS VALLEJO, who was heard across the globe via Route 66 Radio Worldwide. Blas will feature the music that made the world turn 'round, plus interviews with the artists and groups who made the music you grew up with. AND, of course; REQUESTS and DEDICATIONS!! Just drop an E-Mail to Blas, and you'll hear your song, just like it was back in the Day!
  • The Oldies Super Highway, It's radio like it used to be-FUN! In the weeks and months to come you'll hear the artists step up to the microphone and tell their stories-some happy, and some detailing the 'Dark Side' of the music business. It's all here-the music, interviews, requests and dedications-on The Oldies Super Highway!
  • The Oldies Superhighway is proud to have Whirlin' Disc Records, 230 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY as it's sponsor. Whirlin' Disc--they have the music you grew up with! To our old listeners and to the new, we say THANK YOU for your support.
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